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October 21, 2017 at 9:00 am TBD Albuquerque, NM

Annual Brain Injury Alliance Conference

We will be providing information on our 2017 conference soon. Stay tuned!

Our 2016 conference was a success, and we thank our community, volunteers, and sponsors for your attendance and support. Our conference theme was Surviving to Thriving and included CDC’s recent opinion that brain injury is a chronic medical condition that requires treatment over the life span. There were 3 tracks: persons living with brain injury, care-givers, and professionals. Ms. Garcia shared her story of recovery, Ken Collins presented on anger management, Dr. Jessica Richardson presented on self-care tips for care-givers, Dr. Clark presented on diagnosis and treatment in the primary care setting, Dr. Durham and Ms. S. Danziger, CCC-SLP presented on treatment options for persons living with brain injury after they’ve been diagnosed, and Dr. Davin Quinn moderated the discussion on treatment after diagnosis.

The professional track provided professionals information on how to screen, diagnose and follow persons living with brain injury in the primary care setting and the treatment options available for the primary care professional to consider in making referrals for care and improving outcome.

There were two panel discussions, one on tips for healthy living for persons living with brain injury and one on tips to navigate the system and get what you need for care-givers of persons living with brain injury. We are concerned about the stress on care-givers and hope to offer some support and tips on how to thrive.