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Albuquerque Stroke Club Newsletter – July 2013


What a great time we had on Saturday. Those of you that missed it would have enjoyed a great party. The Annual Business Meeting of the Membership, the vote on the Proposed Bylaws revisions (they passed unanimously), and the election

of Directors was all done last Saturday, June 15th, with the occasional break for Raffle and Door Prize drawings. What a day! The Minutes of the Annual Meeting are included in this newsletter, with details about votes on the Bylaws and the Directors. Also listed in this newsletter are all the Donors to the Raffle, winning ticket numbers, and the prizes won.

The 107 Raffle prizes had an estimated value of $3,943. We received $3,014 in ticket sales and donations; our expenses, other than the Grand Prize, were approximately $500. Final numbers will be available at the July Board meeting, and will be included in the minutes of that meeting as published in this newsletter.

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