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Help Improve the Care of Children with Brain Injuries

Help us improve the care of children with brain injuries by completing a short, anonymous 20-minute survey. We are nurse researchers who are interested in trying to understand whether children’s sleep behaviors change after a head injury. We are conducting this study because parents and children have told us that they have changes in their sleep after the injury, but very little information is available about how health care professional can help. We would like to invite parents to participate in an online survey that asks questions about their child’s sleep habits. All parents can participate. We need parents of children with head injuries and parents of children without head injuries. Comparing the children’s sleep behaviors will allow us to determine if there are differences and then we can develop treatments to help the children with head injuries. Parents your child must be less than 16 years of age to participate in the study. If your child had a head injury it needs to have been within the last month to 3 years. If your child has not sustained a head injury then they need to have no serious chronic medical conditions to participate in the study. This study was approved by the University of Washington.

If you have additional questions, please contact Kimberly Allen at Karen Thomas PhD, RN, Professor at the University of Washington Kimberly Allen PhD, RN, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Washington